19+ Orange Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Glow

orange kitchen ideas

Get Inspired with our orange kitchen ideas

Are you ready for a bold new modern kitchen? Well, if bold is what you are looking for, nothing comes close to a bold orange kitchen. It’s dramatic, impactful…and high risk too with this bright color. It is in line with the recent trends we are seeing of bolder colors in home kitchen decor. In this post, we take you through some orange kitchen ideas.

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19+ Orange Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Glow

Why is it high risk? It is such a strong color that it can overpower everything else in the room. An intense orange color is not calming and in most cases is used as an accent color. Using this color as the basis of your look could be a little too much, especially if your countertops and tile are also the same color. 

What space suits an orange kitchen cabinets?

Ideally, the kitchen area should be smaller since orange kitchens work better in these spaces. Larger kitchens with orange cabinets can look too intense. Unless, that is a look that you are going for, it makes it very difficult to live with.

How can I introduce burnt orange kitchen decor?

Two tone kitchens are a great solution if you want to use a modern orange on your cabinetry. As an interior designer, they are very popular at the moment as they allow you to use a bold color scheme with your kitchen cabinets without overwhelming the space. They work very well with a kitchen island since that is a natural level break in the room. Matching an orange kitchen cabinet with white countertop, and white kitchen cabinets is a low risk interior design option.

If you are not going for orange cabinets, then there are a few options open to you. The kitchen backsplash and is an obvious starting point and allows you to create a focus point. Kitchen walls, tiling and flooring is another consideration. You may want to consider an accent wall that is accompanied with neutrals. 

An orange wall is an option, it creates a focal point for your kitchen design and sets the scene. There are a huge range of orange shade kitchen wall paint colors available to you so choose wisely! It can make or break the look you want to achieve. In most cases, grey and white walls are used with an orange accent wall.

Another option with your kitchen renovation is to leave your base color as white or neutral colors, and introduce the color orange through accessories on your countertop. This makes the cooking space more versatile and easier to live with. It also makes it much easier to change things up.

Let’s take a look at some orange kitchen examples.

orange kitchen ideas

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Take a look at these burnt orange kitchen cabinets…

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Orange color schemes aren’t too forgiving if you get them wrong, so it pays to take your time with them. Depending on the orange shade, they can be intense like a bright orange or a warm color shade like a burnt orange…there is a lot of depth to this color that takes you all the way to red. They can be energetic and very fun…but there is a real danger that your kitchen space can be overpowered…tread carefully with your home decor!

I hope that these orange kitchen ideas have provided some inspiration and moved your design ideas forward. As always, please share your favorite images on your social media…see you soon!

orange kitchen

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