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As we become more adventurous with our kitchen designs, one of the biggest winners is the color red. It’s probably not your go to color, however, it is bold. dramatic and shouts character. However, for a select few, it’s the perfect color to personalize their space. In this post, we consider red kitchen ideas, what you can expect and how you can introduce red into your kitchen.

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Why are red kitchen cabinets becoming more popular?

As we mentioned above, people are more confident with a red kitchen design in their homes. As people move away from the standard grey, white, brown and black kitchen cabinet, a whole new genre of colors have taken their place. Part of this can be attributed to kitchen manufacturers, who have brought a wide variety of kitchen color to market.

A red kitchen cabinet can easily be painted too. We explained the process of painting a wall cabinet door in another post. If you have the ability to paint a kitchen, you can produce a red cabinet at a very low cost. Bring your kitchen idea to life on a budget.

Should I consider kitchen design red and white as a two tone kitchen?

When we look at modern kitchen trends, one of the biggest styles is a two tone kitchen . This is a kitchen where two colors are used to increase the balance of the space . The biggest issue with using one color, is that there is a danger of ending up with a blanket of color.

In a contemporary kitchen, one of the most common complemented colors is red and white. This allows you to deliver a splash of vibrant color with red cabinetry, yet retain a more muted tone such as white cabinets.

With this style, you may use red for the lower kitchen cabinets, yet leave the upper cabinets with white cabinets . This lowers the eyeline, introduces a color but doesn’t overpower the room. The wall color scheme can be complemented with a neutral color.

One of the most common areas to introduce your red shade is with your kitchen island. If you are lucky enough to have one, make it the focal point for a dramatic look. Create a red kitchen island for a ‘wow’ factor.

We have covered a number of kitchen colors with a two tone design. Click the links if you want to view the following color options; Navybluetealturquoisepinkyellowbluegreenorange and purple. Consider concrete kitchens too for that ultra modern look.

How else can you introduce the red kitchen decor into your kitchen?

If red cabinets aren’t your thing, you can still introduce red kitchen colors to give your kitchen an exciting new look.

Transform your white kitchen with a red accent. You can easily achieve this through red kitchen accessories. A little trinket here and there, some red artwork, red cookware etc.

Red kitchen walls…Paint color in red kitchens

Another simple way is to get rid of neutral colors in your kitchen walls. Get rid of a white wall and create an accent wall. Red paint color walls are easy and cheap to do, but can transform the look of your space. An accent color can really focus your kitchen. Your dream kitchen wall is literally a blank canvas to get creative with red paint and deliver a modern kitchen design.

Other red kitchen design ideas…

Your kitchen furniture can add that much needed splash of color. It’s simple to do too and can create a new look quickly. Consider adding new stools, curtains, blinds or even a rug.

If you are looking to do something more substantial with a bold color, consider a red backsplash. A small kitchen backsplash is always an option, consider a red tile to give a dramatic new look. Another option is your countertop. The standard white countertop can be replaced with one with a vibrant new color.

Let’s take a look at some red kitchen design ideas.

red kitchen ideas
Red kitchen ideas

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I hope that these red kitchen ideas have provided you with some inspiration to help develop your creative design ideas. As always, please share some of these images on your social media…and if you do go ahead with your red kitchen, please tag us into your social media pictures.

red kitchen
Red kitchen

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