19+ Beautiful Shabby Chic Dining Room Ideas

shabby chic dining room ideas

Get inspired with shabby chic dining room ideas

Having an integrated look to your home is what gives it that consistency. That consistency is important to deliver a designer look. When it comes to shabby chic design, consistency is everything, after all, you cannot successfully pull of this design ethos in a single room. In this post, we will look at shabby chic dining room ideas and what you need to consider to get the look.

So, what are the main things that you need to consider. The obvious thing to consider first is the main furniture in the room. In this case, it will be the dining room table and chairs. The key thing to understand here is that they don’t necessarily have to match. Some of the best examples i have seen involves old tables that have been painted and up-cycled. Sanding down the top to give a nice wood finish, with the underside and legs painted in a pastel finish gives a great look.

The chairs too are a key feature in the room. Ideally they are either natural wood or a neutral color. The key thing, exactly like the table, is that they don’t necessarily have to match. In fact, this look delivers plenty of personality.

In terms of the overall room color, white obviously remains the choice of the masses. However, i would urge you to consider adding different tones which break up the space. Consider some pastel colors or even some grays.

As with most shabby chic design, accessories remain important in delivering personality to your space. The dining room is an ideal place for candles…in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Wall decor is also an important theme, consider adding wall art or even decorative plates to fill the space and create interest.

Take a look at some real examples of shabby chic dining room ideas…you are sure to get some inspiration from some of them.

shabby chic dining room decorating ideas

Shabby chic dining room decorating ideas

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I hope you found some inspiration in the shabby chic dining room ideas above. Remember, shabby chic is a very individual design philosophy…with very few rules. So, start creating and be bold! I hope this article was of use to you, if you think that your friends may also find this useful, please consider sharing it on your social media. See you soon…Natalie

shabby chic dining room decorating ideas

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