15+ IKEA Norden Gateleg Table Hack Ideas…These Work

ikea norden table hack

Get inspired with our IKEA Norden Gateleg table hack

The IKEA Norden gateleg table has been one of IKEA’s best sellers for a while, and it’s for good reason. It is smart, functional, cheap and perfect for a small space. This makes it a great piece of furniture for a starter home, but it also sits well in established homes given its versatility. In this post, we take you through the IKEA Norden gateleg table hack, what it is and the uses.

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15+ IKEA Norden Gateleg Table Hack …These Work

IKEA are internationally famous for delivering modern home furniture with Swedish style decor, at budget prices. They are now found in all corners of the world…it really is amazing how they have worked their way into so many homes.

The history of the IKEA Gateleg table…

IKEA’s Norden gateleg table was originally designed and sold as a low-cost flatware table top with legs, that could easily be folded away when not required, taking up little floor space. Obviously, that is a narrow description of how the Norden table is used.

There are plenty of online IKEA communities which take pride in explaining how they ‘hack’ IKEA products. When they say ‘IKEA hack’, they are basically saying that they have used the product for a purpose that it was not originally intended. It sounds a lot more dramatic than it sounds, but the result can be quite ingenious.

The IKEA folding table is simple yet functional…

The IKEA Norden folding table is relatively simple, when it comes to product design and forms part of IKEA folding tables range. It is a simple space saving design with two folding leaves, a folding table that seats between two and four people.

Keep some folding chairs to one side for some extra space, for some unexpected dinner guests. The design is not specific to IKEA, in fact, as a dining table, it has been around for centuries.

If anything, you can argue that IKEA have done a great job in bringing it back to the mainstream, with the quality that they have built their solid reputation on.

IKEA Norden table uses;

The Norden is a great product, but as I mentioned earlier, people tend to find uses for products to meet their specific needs. This is precisely what has happened here…a simple multifunction birch table, that is essentially famous for the sheer number of uses.

Here are a few uses…or hacks for the IKEA Norden gateleg table;

  • Kitchen table
  • Craft table in a craft room
  • Desk
  • Sewing table
  • Foldable craft table
  • Cutting table
  • Console table
  • Games board
  • Workbench
  • Storage
  • Room divider
  • Sewing machine table
  • Console

Customizing the Norden IKEA gateleg table…

Although, the Norden is available in a plain white and wood color version, there is a real demand to customize them to fit people’s spaces. The IKEA hackers trend is in many cases, focused around making it fit your environment.

Changing the color is one such way. I’m afraid, it takes a little more effort than simply painting it. When the table arrives, it is painted in polyurethane which protects the table from everyday wear. Unfortunately, this cannot simply be painted over.

The table needs to be sanded down back to the base and thoroughly cleaned. It then needs to be painted using a primer which will even out the surface. Finally, your best option is to use a furniture paint. This is usually chalk based but is more suitable and comes in plenty of colors. If you want to protect the paint further, you can coat it in wax. You can read more about painting coated furniture here.

You could consider adding wheels to add some functionality and stability to the Norden table IKEA.

We have discussed what the table is, what it can be used for and how you can customize it. Time to let the images of the IKEA Norden gateleg table hack do the talking.

ikea norden extendable table hack
IKEA norden extendable table hack

Take a look at these IKEA Norden table ideas

norden table ikea
Source: hogardiez.com
norden table hack
Source: Homebook.pl
norden gateleg
Source: Instagram: ikea_golub
norden gateleg table
Source: Instagram: primejerome
norden gateleg table ikea
ikea norden table
Source: Instagram: fer_mirrors
ikea norden dining table hack
Source: Instagram; arinadihouse
ikea gateleg
Source: altomindretning.dk

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ikea gateleg table
Source: Instagram; caroha
ikea gateleg table hack
Source: Apartmenttherapy
ikea folding table with drawers
Source: cocolapinedesign.com
gateleg tables ikea
Source: Ofertasmuebles
gateleg table ikea
gate leg table ikea
Source: Historyinhighheels

I hope that you found the images of IKEA Norden gateleg table hack useful, and hope you find the inspiration you are looking for. Remember, that IKEA has plenty of furniture that can be hacked, so it is absolutely possible to create a customized space at relatively little cost.

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best ikea norden gateleg hacks
IKEA norden extendable table hack

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