16+ Blue Living Room Ideas That Wont Turn You Blue

blue living room ideas

These blue living room ideas will make you think again!

Dark blue wall? Are you sure? In this post, we take a look at blue living room ideas. For too long, blue walls have had a bad reputation. They were perceived as cold and uninviting. Not a particularly welcoming color, especially on a cold winters night.

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However, times change and so do trends. Blue is as popular as ever and the versatility is fully on display on the images below.

From a decor perspective, there is a psychological benefit. The color blue is considered to be incredibly beneficial to the body and the mind. It is a very calming color palette that is associated with calm skies and calm sea’s.

However, if done right, blue shades can produce a spectacular effect. Warm, inviting and very stylish. Combine the blue tone with accent pieces, contrasting colors, natural materials, golds and copper and you are in for a very individual, yet stylish space.

Take a look at the images below for some blue living room ideas and inspiration.

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Let’s take a look at some of these fantastic royal blue living room ideas…

light blue living room ideas
light blue living room ideas – Julie Pashina

This blue living room has a Parisian appeal

You wont find many more elegant living rooms than this example here. It is so beautiful, amazingly well done. The color is light and airy, almost as if it has some historical significance. The way the a gold color accents the light blue wall colour is incredible, and works so well to give the room more depth. Obviously, this is a huge room, so for most people, you would have to re-imagine this color scheme into smaller settings.

royal blue living room décor
royal blue living room décor – Interiors by Studio M

This dark blue living room creates a great balance…

This is a brave color choice given how dark it is, but I have to say that it works well in this sitting room. The color shade has a matte flat finish, which I think helps. The huge windows really make this work, introducing plenty of light into the space which offsets the natural darkness of the blue.

Notice that the ceiling remains white, this is always a good idea when you have very dark colors on the accent wall. It illuminates that natural light in the room and adds some depth to the blue paint color. The accent pillows in blue help to add consistency on the brown living room sofa. It helps to have that consistency…therefore, blue pillows with a blue color scheme. You may also want to consider these grey and blue living room ideas.

navy blue living room ideas
navy blue living room ideas – besthqwallpapers

These royal blue living room ideas must inspire your thinking…

This is an example of a more modern blue living room. It gives a really good example of how to introduce blue into a living room without overdoing it. The actual blue is broken up with a geometric pattern that flows through to other aspects of the room, such as the rug. I also appreciate the way that they have introduced some natural brown colors into the room. This breaks up the binary colors of blue and white, bringing in natural feel.

living room blue grey
living room blue grey – @restoringlansdowne

Dark blue living room ideas create a lovely environment…

A feature wall or a focus wall is a great place to introduce blue living room design. The color blue is a teal blue which historically, has always been associated with richness. It is clearly a very beautiful and classy color. The way teal complements blacks and natural brown colors is amazing and is a great use of a darker shade.

living room blue and white
living room blue and white – Pinterest

An excellent example of how a duck egg blue can create such a modern and fresh space. The light is incredible and the warmth that flows from this blue room is wonderful. The addition of the white and beige accessories helps here too, the combination together works wonderfully well.

light blue living rooms
light blue living rooms – Bocadolobo

Go against the tide with these light blue living room ideas…

Fun…this is exactly what you are getting here with this living room idea. A modern, fresh space that really illuminates. The wonderful use of a light blue wall color creates a vibrant feel and is very uplifting. The way that the blue color is integrated is perfectly done, with blue furniture pieces mixed in with grey, beige and white. It flows through the room without overpowering it.

light blue living room walls
light blue living room walls – Pinterest

These blue living room walls add a ‘pop’ of color…

The mix of natural woods and a royal blue color creates a natural looking space, elegant and refined. The large windows obviously provide plenty of light with helps to offset the darkness of the walls. The natural wood coffee table and natural wood ceiling give it an authentic vibe.

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inchyra blue living room
inchyra blue living room – LUSUS Studio

Get adventurous with royal blue living room decor…

Absolute refined…this room just shouts luxury and warmth. The wainscoting adds another dimension to the look, giving it a very rich depth. Add in some natural colors like grays and browns, you have a very balanced room. This image also highlights the importance of low level lighting. The yellow hue of the lights, creates additional warmth into the room.

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hague blue living room
hague blue living room – Bocadolobo

This navy blue living room adds plenty of depth to the room…

You can see from this image that the choice of color is purposeful. The back dining room is so bright and airy with white walls, whilst this room transitions is to a very calming blue. Somewhere to come and have a lie down in and have a think.

blue living room walls
blue living room walls – Willow & Hall

If you want something different, consider these royal blue living room ideas…

I simply love how they have integrated the wall colors with the furniture, doesn’t the velvet yellow sofa look delicious? Everything is so rich in the image, projecting plenty of warmth and comfort into the room. The different shades of blue really does help breaking things up, whilst helping the eye to be drawn in different directions.

blue living room decorating ideas
blue living room decorating ideas – Beautiful home

For some blue living room decorating ideas, check this example out…

This blue living room is incredibly stylish, so much depth in this image. The walls are on the darker end of the blue spectrum with navy walls, but broken up well with the bead boarding. They have not held back with the furnishings too, the curtains matching the walls…with the blue velvet sofa also color matching perfectly. The throw pillow adds an additional level of interest. The chesterfield type of blue sofa adds a lot of interest into the scene too, with the beige carpet breaking the block of blue.

blue living room decor ideas
blue living room decor ideas – @my_london_home

A very achievable look from a real home. This image just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need a studio sized layout to make the color work. This scene really highlights the height of the room, making use of the space beautifully. The dark blue doesn’t make the room feel small, if anything, it delivers warmth…with a boatload of style.

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blue living room dark
blue living room dark – Pinterest

Absolutely no holding back with this blue living room idea…the full nine yards as they say. They have used two complementing shades of blue to break up the walls, which also helps to draw the eye to those wonderful architectural features. The imposing gold mirror also breaks up the space and delivers a very elegant look. The room will no doubt appear very dark, with the painted ceiling helping in this respect. Obviously, it is purposefully designed this way…but what an intimate space this decor delivers.

blue living room color schemes
blue living room color schemes – @thisstyle_rocks

This cozy blue living room has so much character, with so may interesting accessories. The blue in the walls almost helps to draw the eye towards them. The art on the walls breaks up the blue walls perfectly…very subtle and very well done.

blue and white living room
blue and white living room – @thenewsaintly

Another real life blue living room scenario, and you can see it works well. A fresh, dynamic space that is lively without being to eye catching. The range of colors complement each other very well. It goes to show that you can introduce other strong colors without clashing.

white blue living room
white blue living room – Bocadolobo

Clearly, the owners of this blue living room have not held back…they must really like blue. Almost everything is blue…it works well but it is a dangerous game to play. Fortunately for them, it has paid of handsomely. The key thing is to break up the colors, doing so here through the colors of the bookshelves and the architectural features such as the wainscoting.

You have to have an element of bravery if you want to introduce a blue color into your living room. This is especially the case if you want to use a lot of it. Think carefully how you intend to break up the space and what complementing colors you wish to use.

What is for sure, if you get it right, it will more than likely, create a stunning space that will be widely admired. I hope our blue living room ideas give you something to think about and start that creative process.

blue living room ideas home decor
Blue living room ideas home decor

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