33+ Blue Sofa Living Room Ideas That Make an Impact

blue sofa living room

Get Inspired with these blue sofa living room ideas

A blue sofa will split opinions. Some absolutely swear by the color, others would refuse to even consider it. In this post, we consider some blue sofa living room ideas that prove that it can work. Not only can they work, they can work fantastically well.

Using a blue sofa as a focal point can work really well. It can contrast perfectly with some colors whilst complementing others. This makes it a versatile color to work with. Take a look at these images to and see for yourself!

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blue sofa living room ideas

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Get inspired with these modern blue sofa living room design ideas…

teal blue teal sofa living room ideas

This two seater sofa is a great example of a piece of furniture matching its surroundings. It really helps to integrate the space together. The blue couch also looks great alongside the gold coffee table, creating a high end look and feel to this living room idea.

royal blue sofa living room ideas

Squeezing a couple of sofas into a tight space is never a great idea. However, let’s focus on the colors. Isn’t the navy blue sofa intense! The interesting wall decor and open shelving gives the room character. The blue and white walls help fuse the color choices together.

royal blue blue sofa living room

The grey wall colour shade provides an ideal backdrop to this dark blue velvet sofa. The texture of the material really makes a statement adding a sense of luxury. Add a couple of contrasting throw pillows, and you have a great example of interior design.

navy blue sofa living room

Blue is definitely the color here. This blue sofa living room is a great example of utilising colors. The use of a two seater sofa, a three seater sofa and accent chairs is a great example of utilising space efficiently.

navy blue sofa living room ideas

This blue living room is intense…very intense. The lovely blue walls provide a great backdrop to this stunning royal blue sofa. The sheen on the velvet material simply adds to the luxurious feel to this living space. The furniture is amazing and the feel of this room is incredible.

modern blue velvet sofa living room

Great use of a modern teal blue sectional sofa here. The sheer size of the teal sofa really complements the size and shape of the space. Another thing to note in this room is the wall decor, it is almost like an art gallery!

living room with navy blue sofa

As far as blue living rooms go, this is a well designed space that makes great use of colours. The light blue walls blend in fantastically well with the curtains, rug and white flooring, the perfect complimentary colour.

living room with blue velvet sofa

Quite a busy room, but utterly comfortable. This lovely room is a perfect setting for this living room furniture. Rustic and comfortable, it totally suits this sofa style. There literally is no limit to the number of throw pillows!

living room with blue sofa

This ‘L’ shaped blue sofa is a great fit for this room. The light blue wall colour contrasts perfectly with the modern sofa style and color.

living room ideas with blue sofa

Intensity is the name of the game here. This placid living room with white walls is rather mundane and needs something to make it stand out. Enter this dynamic blue sofa. It adds a huge ‘pop’ of color to this interior design.

living room ideas navy blue sofa

The dog is an optional extra, but even he seems to be enjoying this blue sofa. As far as the home decor goes, the light grey and blue rug is a nice complement to this sectional sofa.

living room ideas blue sofa

Luxury is the adjective here. High end interior design that looks incredible. This is probably beyond the reach of most people, but it does give you an idea about colors.

living room design with blue sofa

Dark wall colors need contrast, and this sky blue sofa does a great job of providing it. Add in the golds and the greens, you have a nice looking living room.

living room decor with blue sofa

There is plenty of color in this image. The defining color is the color of the sofa, an intense block of blue. Surrounding it are a host of other blue shades and tones. Add in some yellows and oranges, you have a tremendous home decor design.

living room colour schemes to go with blue sofa

Armchairs in a contrasting color can create a nice dynamic to a room. The lighter blue contrast well with the larger sofa in dark blue.

living room blue sectional sofa

Some lovely dark blue walls that work well with that lovely bay window. This sectional sofa contrasts well with the wall color. The very definition of a blue living room.

light blue sofa living room

White walls and whiter flooring. This white room needs a contrast color…step up the blue sofa. A lovely complement to this room design.

light blue sofa living room ideas

Some lovely industrial decor styles here with the exposed brick walls and tiled flooring. The sky blue sofa sits well in this room, complemented perfectly by the wall decor.

denim blue sofa living room ideas

Pink walls and a blue sofa…probably not the color combination that springs to mind, but doesn’t it work well.

dark blue sofa living room

A light blue sofa in a white room is a great combination, giving a nautical theme to this living room. It is light and airy, perfect for hot weather climates.

dark blue sofa living room ideas

Another example of pink and blue making a great impact. The soft pastel pink with the deep navy blue sofa is a lovely contrast.

contemporary blue sofa living room

A contrasting color of an armchair can make a great impact. This yellow armchair sofa does just that, a focal point that even overshadows this mid-blue sofa.

blue velvet sofa living room

A scene you will find in most living rooms, this is pretty much the norm. This particular space makes great use of this deep blue sofa, contrasting nicely with the rest of the furniture.

blue velvet sofa living room ideas

Teal blue…bordering on the green, it works very well with the grey and silver wall paper. It really does create a nice contrast.

blue sofa set living room

A classic styled room is a great place for a blue sofa. There is something about this color that sits nicely with this style. The wainscoting wall is a lovely style that works well with the classicly styled furniture.

blue sofa living room design

A traditional styled room design that suits this blue sofa perfectly. The throw pillows really add to the scene creating a layer of comfort.

blue sofa living room decor

A blue leather Chesterfield sofa…it really is a statement piece!

blue sofa living room decor ideas

This sectional blue sofa provides perfect symmetry. With some lovely colors on display, this is some well styled home decor.

blue sofa in living room ideas

A blue modern sofa that could be any living room design. It is common but for a reason…it works well.

blue living room sofa

High end design in a luxury home. This custom sofa is perfectly suited to this fantastic interior design.

blue leather sofa living room ideas

If blue isn’t your color, consider these black sofa ideas, as well as these yellow sofas and green sofa living room designs.

Get inspired with these blue sofa living room ideas. If you have not considered this color for your sofa, it is well worth considering. It can add a unique focal point to a room that blends nicely with some colors whilst also contrasting nicely with others.

modern blue sofa living room

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