21+ Awesome IKEA Trones Hacks

ikea trones hacks

Get inspired with our IKEA Trones hacks

We all know that IKEA are great at producing furniture that works…functional and stylish, but what we often find is that it is very transferable. I’ve already put together a number of articles highlighting other IKEA products, today is the turn of the humble IKEA Trones. In this article, I will showcase some real world examples of IKEA Trones hacks.

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21+ Awesome IKEA Trones Hacks

The first question that we need to establish is what an IKEA Trones is. Originally, this IKEA product was designed as shoe storage, holding three pairs of shoes.

They were a way of hiding them away so that your environment looks a little cleaner. Wall hung, they proved incredibly popular and at a relatively low cost too. Their functionality and style meant that people started finding other uses…let’s take a look at some of them.

ikea trones hack
IKEA trones hack

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These Trones IKEA hack ideas will inspire you

ikea trones

These IKEA Trones ideas create a dynamic hallway…

A classic use of the IKEA Trones that have become ever popular. Simply lining up a few Trones on a wall and adding a wood top, can create a great storage space in a hallway. Not only is it cheap to put together, it is ultra modern and ultra functional too. Who said hallway furniture had to be expensive! IKEA shoe storage ideas that deliver.

trones shoe storage cabinet

This IKEA Trones shoe cabinet helps keep your space clear…

This IKEA Trones piece is another hallway storage example, a great way to add a storage space close to the coat rack and the door. As you can see, they take up little room yet add plenty of storage away from the eye. As you can see in this interior, it really adds to the space. A perfect spot to use as shoe storage boxes and as a rack.

trones ikea ideas

The IKEA Trones wood top adds real value…

The flexibility of the IKEA Trones and colors available mean that there are options that complement the interior. This is another example by an IKEA hacker, of a wooden tabletop added which enhances the style whilst retaining the functionality.

trones ikea hack

This IKEA hack Trones idea saves space too…

A key benefit is the storage that they offer, allowing you to store things away from the eye. This little hack is a great example of a nursery where you can create storage space, yet easily accessible. Their lightweight nature means that you can hang them with ease. Perfect to add on to the face of an IKEA wardrobe, closet and in a craft room too. Consider adding color using wallpaper on the drawer fronts of a kids room.

trones hack

This IKEA Trone is upcycled using leather pulls…

This example of the IKEA Trones storage unit represents an attempt to up-cycle them. The lovely addition of leather pulls deliver a sense of uniqueness and add a little premium look and feel to them. Whether you use it as an IKEA shoe storage solution, or simply a place to hide your trinkets, this IKEA hack works.

trone ikea

This IKEA Trones shoe storage idea is smart and discreet…

Add character to a plain space by introducing IKEA Trones. As you can see in this image, previously, this wall would have been a plain separation between rooms. Add a use to the wall and some much needed storage space by adding this storage cabinet.

trone hacks

IKEA Trones hacks deliver this bedside table…

This is a great example of the functional use of the IKEA Trones. This example places a shoe box next to the bed to create a bedside cabinet without the drawer…and doesn’t it look great? Stylish…functional…and very cheap too!

trones shoe storage hack

This IKEA Trones dupe works in tugs kitchen for extra storage…

Use IKEA furniture to add a little more storage into your IKEA kitchen cabinets with ease in this limited space. The design of them is relatively thin, so they can be tucked away with ease. In this example, it is tucked away discretely, but a wooden top added to make it even more purposeful and the perfect IKEA hack. Consider using them as an actual kitchen cabinet too.

shoe storage ideas ikea

A shoe storage cabinet makes sense in a home…

This black look with a brown wooden top is very popular for good reason…its damn stylish. To buy a console that achieves the same would cost you significantly more. This setup using a IKEA Trones shoe cabinet also has the benefit of being quite slim, making it more practical in smaller hallways. Perfect for shoe storage ideas where you want to hide them away in a entryway.

shoe holders ikea

This shoe storage bench is really colorful…

Available in a number of colors, they give you the flexibility to design your space in your vision. This yellow Trones example delivers a very fresh and vibrant look. Adding a frame around it makes it look like a premium bit of furniture and a great entryway bench, a Trones shoe rack, storage bench and storage unit.

shoe box storage ikea

A great example of discreet corner storage…

Tucked away in the corner, the IKEA Trones is a great example of creating IKEA storage without dominating the space around you. Highly functional design in practice.

ikea trones storage ideas

An IKEA Trones media unit….

This is a wonderful example from IKEA themselves, visioning how flexible this design is. Placing a few Trones together has created this wonderful media unit. Look how wonderful it looks!

ikea trones hack wood

Add flexible storage to your mudroom…

Perfect as part of a mudroom, it can create a place to put away your dirty shoes. Added together as part of a ‘cloakroom’ setup, it can really add a feature to that space.

ikea trones hack diy

Somewhere to throw your keys on…

As simple or as complicated as you want things to be…simply placing a Trones near the door gives you a great place to put your keys and other things that you need at hand.

ikea trones hack bedroom

A bedroom headboard with built in storage!

This is a very creative example of highly functional design. The headboard of a bed is wasted space to some. Create a functional purpose by constructing a headboard from Trones…plenty of storage at hand here which would work especially well in a smaller room.

ikea trones hack bathroom

This IKEA Trones hack bathroom edition….

Very popular in bathrooms, the functional design makes them a great option. Use this storage box to hide away things whilst also creating a shelf is a fantastic use of them. Check out some more IKEA bathroom storage ideas here.

ikea trones black

Separate your spaces in a cloakroom…

Do you have plenty of kids? No problem…give them a Trones each so that they have the equivalent of their own locker!

ikea trone

Consider using this as vertical storage…

Add a vertical set up for Trones to create a wonderfully stylish unit. As you can see in this example, it really adds to the style of the room whilst also allowing you to hide away your things.

hallway stand ikea
trones storage

Mix and match your colors…

This monochrome look fits perfectly into this environment whilst really adding to the design perspective.

trones storage box
What are IKEA Trones?

Originally designed as shoe storage, they are plastic units that affix to a wall. Their design makes them flexible meaning that they have a variety of uses. They provide a great way of creating storage space since their design is modern and their footprint small.

How do you hang IKEA Trones?

An IKEA Trones cabinet is designed to be affixed to a wall. They are simple to attach to the wall using fixings.

How many shoes does IKEA Trones hold?

IKEA Trones can hold up to three pairs of shoes. They are 52 cm x 39 cm so that leaves plenty of room if you want to find other uses.

Can IKEA Trones be painted?

Yes, IKEA trones can be painted. You can create unique designs that suit your environment by customizing the look of your IKEA Trones.

How do you paint IKEA plastic furniture?

IKEA Trones are simple to paint. Most people prefer to use spray paints. You need to prime them first before adding a couple of coats of your final spray paint finish. If you want to do a more thorough job, i would recommend that you ‘key’ it first which gives it a better surface to hold the paint. This is simply giving the surface a light sandpapering before you prime it.

Some wonderful examples of IKEA Trones hacks here…using them for a purpose that they were not initially designed for. As you have seen, the Trones are highly flexible and the simplicity of the style makes them perfect for so many locations….and so many functions.

ikea trones hack
IKEA trones hack

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