47+ Room Divider Headboard Ideas That Are Totally Unique

room divider headboard

Get Inspired with these room divider headboard ideas…

One of the latest bedroom trends is using a room divider headboard. For those looking for something a little more unique with their home decor, this is often a great solution. Quite often, these headboards tend to be a little more elaborate, contain more detailing and can be made from better materials than a traditional headboard.

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In this post, we take a look at some great examples of a room divider head board. They can be in the form of a folding screen, but essentially, they are designed to separate rooms. However, using them as a headboard really works, in fact, they can become the perfect headboard. They do create a great focal point, and can help create a great bedroom design.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of room divider headboard ideas that will help to inspire you.

room divider as headboard
Room divider as headboard

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Take a look at these folding screen headboard ideas…

using room dividers

This boho room divider headboard amazes…

This Indian style headboard is a fantastic addition to this bedroom. Designed as a room divider, it is a very intricate piece of furniture. Made from wood, it is as delightful as it is delicate. The size of it is perfect for this bed frame, and creates a lovely look.

unusual room dividers

This folding screen as headboard is stunning…

A lovely example in a cream color that works fantastically well in this master bedroom. It really matches the duvet covers, as well as the natural flooring.

unique room divider ideas

What about this room divider as headboard?

A Japanese style screen with images of birds…definitely a little more interesting than an upholstered headboard. This style is very comfortable too, it would look equally at home in a traditional bedroom, as well as a contemporary bedroom.

small room divider screen

This headboard room divider impresses with its size…

This huge room divider is essentially used as a headboard. it’s principle function is to separate spaces. However, playing a bed against it is a great idea. Often, you will see this set up in a studio apartment where everything is in one room.

screen headboard

This folding screen headboard works!

Tall and intricate, this is a fantastic divider headboard for this single bed. It creates a focal point that works in this living space.

room dividers bedroom

A screen headboard offers something a little different…

This folding screen is a fantastic look, creating a great example of an imposing bedroom statement piece as a focal point.

room divider screens ideas

Check out this room divider screen as headboard…

Another Indian style folding screen, this room divider creates a fantastic look. It works really well with the wallpaper and the nightstand furniture. Given the size of it, this size would work in a small bedroom too.

room divider screen ideas

This room divider behind bed makes a statement…

A deep red folding screen is impactful, creating a great focal point in this bedroom design. The pattern is plain, but the detailing makes this work well.

room divider idea

A privacy screen headboard with style…

A high end example that would look great in a Paris bedroom style. The gold frame and cream fabric colors really stand tall. An excellent example of a room screen that creates a great look.

room divider headboards

Using a room divider as a headboard is a big style statement…

A simple screen that looks great in a boho style bedroom. It looks great with the indoor plants too, creating a very natural vibe. Pushed away from the back wall, you can create some storage space too. Potentially, this might make a great DIY project. Why not try and create your own perfect headboard?

room divider headboard pictures

Using room dividers as headboards creates something unusual…

This wood folding screen is a great DIY project. With black paint, this is a simple yet fantastic style.

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room divider headboard inspiration

A fantastic fabric room divider that works really well as a room divider headboard. A stylish and eclectic panel, it matches the decor of the pillow and the bedroom.

room divider headboard images

This living space divider is huge…yet spectacular. It’s imposing and completely dominates this relatively small bedroom. A great idea that works well.

room divider headboard ideas

Another Japanese bedroom style divider and room screen. It looks fantastic and totally dominates the room. It is the perfect headboard for this space.

room divider for bedroom

This DIY headboard idea is a fantastic way to separate space in your bedroom. It helps create different zones.

room divider decorating ideas

A rustic bedroom wall divider, the wood panel delivers a great look that works well. This one creates a headboard with storage space. Definitely a DIY headboard idea that most could achieve.

room divider bedroom

A wooden example made out of a dark wood. It is intricate and creates a lovely look.

laser cut headboard

A smaller room divider, it is a room divider with an intricate panel design. It works well, although the panel can be painted to suit.

homemade room divider ideas

The wall paper is very imposing which goes some way to hide the imposing black room divider. It does match the colors of the room very well.

folding screen as headboard

This baby blue headboard example is bright and dynamic, very much in line with the home decor.

folding headboard

This wood example works really well, especially in a neutrally decorated bedroom.

diy boho headboard

This example would look great in a Hygge styled bedroom. Constructed from cane, it gives a very natural look.

contemporary room dividers ideas

A wonderfully imposing room divider. Solid wood construction, that is intricate and full of detail.

colorful room dividers

This white bedroom is the perfect color for this white headboard example.

colorful room divider

A twin room with matching room divider headboards, this gives a very balanced look.

bedroom room dividers

This hotel styled bedroom works wonderfully well at creating different zones. The integrated floating nightstand works really well, and the green sofas are very impactful.

bedroom room divider

No quite a dog room, but the dog can even appreciate the delectable headboard, originally fashioned as a room divider.

bedroom partition ideas

These room divider headboard ideas should provide you with plenty of inspiration. Although you can create your own, they are easily available commercially. If you are considering making your own, there are plenty of tutorials out there to help get you started.

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folding screen headboard
Folding screen headboard

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