47+ Hallway Mirror Ideas That Make a Huge Difference

hallway mirror ideas

Get Inspired with these hallway mirror ideas

One final look before you leave the house? Yes, we know the purpose of a hallway mirror in interior design. A must in most homes, they are a welcome addition that can add a ton of style to your entryway. In this post, we consider some wonderful hallway mirror ideas to help inspire your next design and bring out your interior designers spirit. 

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47+ Hallway Mirror Ideas That Make a Huge Difference

Aside from looking in them, they make your hallway look bigger while reflecting light around it. Especially in smaller hallways, they add a ton of value at a relatively low cost. 

There are a whole host of options for your hallway mirrors. You don’t necessarily have to have one big mirror. Why not consider a large round mirror cluster that creates a larger mirror? These IKEA Lots mirrors and IKEA Honefoss mirrors are perfect for the job! This allows you to create a unique design using a grouping method. 

Another option is to go for an unconventional shape. We are increasingly seeing more and more of these unique shapes available on the market. Add a touch of chaos to your small hallway and staircase gallery wall while adding functionality! 

Consider a large freestanding mirror if you want to go down a more traditional route. This decorative mirror is quite ornate and traditional in design. Their size means they are not wall-hung. Instead, you lean them against the wall and are considered a floor mirror. This style tends to be a little more expensive but gives an air of luxury. 

What to consider when choosing your entryway mirror

There are several factors to consider before you buy your perfect mirror. Consider these aspects carefully; 

  • Size: Perhaps one of the biggest decisions to make is the size. This may well be decided for you if it is a small space. However, if you have options, this may be something to consider. You might want a large mirror to make a larger hallway appear. It may also help to reflect natural light around a narrow hallway. 
  • Styling: Is your hallway decor a traditional style or more modern…retro or futuristic? Matching your hanging mirror to your existing home design and wall decor is a must. It creates a flow through your home. Consider your existing wall art, too…will it match? Remember, the hallway is the starting point of your home; it sets the scene of what is to follow…to your living room, dining room, and kitchen in most cases. 
  • Type: What type of mirror works best in your space? In most cases, a wall mirror makes sense. It leaves the floor free and is safely out of the way. In some larger hallways, a full-length mirror, floor mirror, or an oversized mirror can look stunning. This is a question only you can answer. 

Consider these aspects carefully to create a great solution for your home. Tap into your interior designer spirit and transform a boring hallway into a visually interesting design.

hallway mirror
hallway mirror

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These hallway mirror ideas should really help you consider what is important with your design ideas. Remember to consider the space available, the decor and the benefits you want to realise.

hall mirror
hall mirror

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