21+ Green and Grey Bedroom Ideas That Work

green and grey bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these green and grey bedroom ideas

The bedroom should be a tranquil place, somewhere to retire at the end of the evening…a place of calm. That is why your bedroom color is so important. Get it right, you have a wonderfully calm room to rest in…get it wrong, it can become a bit of a disaster. In this post, we consider green and grey bedroom ideas.

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21+ Green and Grey Bedroom Ideas That Work

In this post, I will consider what the paint color green and grey represents, how they work together and what they represent, and how you can introduce these colors into your bedroom décor. Following this, we have showcased a range of images below that showcase some ideas for you.

As with the vast majority of color combinations, it is the shade that really determines how well they complement each other. I can deliver some basic principles, but if you do want to use the color combinations, I always recommend a mood board to check their compatibility.

What do green and grey colors represent…

What does the green color represent? Traditionally, green has represented nature and the natural world, an organic color, it is fresh and healthy. It is also a calming color that rests your mind…green bedroom ideas can be utterly relaxing.

When complemented with the right tone of grey, it can add to the soothing effect that green offers you. It can be soft and gentle, delivering a very calming bedroom design. A darker shade of wall color is more dramatic but a light grey almost acts like a neutral color.

How do you choose which color scheme to focus on? Balance is the key here. As you can see in the images below, most people delivering their bedroom idea have chosen to focus on a single color, then accessorized it with the other color. Therefore, you may have a grey bedroom idea, then highlighted it with green furnishings or even a green accent wall. So, whether you have a lime green bedroom wall or an olive green wall, balance is the key.

How to add color into the bedroom…

Your color palette will determine the mood of the room, getting the colors right makes a big difference.

Painting your master bedroom walls is the easiest way of introducing gray and green into your bedroom. It’s the most cost-effective method too, especially if it is an accent color. A grey wall can look great with another neutral color.

However, there are other ways that are just as effective. For the shoppers, buying soft furnishings works well. It allows you to introduce different shades without a great deal of risk. Take your duvet or grey bedding for example, you can try and complement your grey bed with your mint green wall…it’s all about experimenting!

One of the easiest ways of introducing a green shade into the bedroom is through potted greenery. Indoor plants offer a calming and natural atmosphere as well as the health benefits.

Furniture is also another way to introduce color. As you can see in some of the images below, you may have a sage or light green wall, complimented with a grey bed or headboard. This defined area of colors actually makes things easier to manage, especially if you want to add further colors like a navy blue or even a blush pink wall! Take a look at these sage green and pink bedroom ideas.

Why not take a look at these green and gold bedroom ideas, and these black and gold bedroom ideas too. They will certainly raise your eyebrows!

Let’s take a look at some green and grey bedroom ideas.

green and grey bedroom ideas

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Check out these grey and green bedroom ideas!

mint green and grey painted bedroom ideas

This grey and green bedroom delivers comfort…

Take a look how comfortable this bedroom decor looks. The Benjamin Moore olive green paint works nicely with the grey flooring.

trendy bedroom ideas grey and green

This green and grey room is a great example

This green and white bedroom delivers a great aesthetic. The green and emerald green bedding delivers some lovely depth in color.

mint green and grey bedroom ideas

This dark green and grey bedroom oozes elegance…

If you want a dark bedroom too help your to relax and sleep, this dark green example does just that. The green walls are full of color and depth. Whether it’s for you or as a guest bedroom, this color palette works.

lime green and grey bedroom ideas

These emerald green and grey bedroom ideas add plenty of warmth…

The textures on display here deliver so much warmth and comfort. The charcoal grey walls add plenty of interest, creating a very inviting space.

grey green bedroom

Some grey and green bedding could add interest to this bedroom…

A grey bedroom can look a little bland. Adding a little green can help to uplift the greys on display.

grey and lime green bedroom ideas

Let’s take a look at some more fantastic bedroom ideas…

grey and green rooms
grey and green room
grey and green bedroom paint ideas
grey and green bedroom design ideas
grey and green bedroom decorating ideas
green grey bedroom
green and grey room
green and grey bedrooms
green and grey bedroom
green and gray room
green and gray bedroom
green and gray bedroom ideas
gray green bedroom
gray and green bedroom
bedroom ideas grey and green

I hope you enjoyed these green and grey bedroom ideas. As you will have seen, balance is everything. You don’t need to use both these colors in equal quantities, often sticking to one color and adding a few highlights with the other works very well.

Creating a design board works well in these scenarios, allowing you to match colors and designs. I would love to see your creations, if you post your new bedroom design images online, please tag us in.

grey and green bedroom ideas

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