17+ Ikea Lots Mirror Ideas For A Fresh Look

ikea lots mirror ideas

Get Inspired with these Ikea Lots mirror ideas

We all know that Ikea is great at supplying functional furniture at a modest price, but what do you do if you want something a little more unique? Well, that’s where an Ikea hack comes in. In this post, we show you a wonderful Ikea mirror hack that delivers a fantastic look. We offer you some Ikea Lots mirror ideas to help get your design ideas flowing.

Ikea Hacks are unique because they are inexpensive, look great in the home, and are highly efficient. Ikea hacks are when you take an item from Ikea or any store for that matter, and make it your own with a little bit of creativity. You can make something completely new or give your old stuff a brand-new look!

It’s easy to do, too- most of the time, all you have to do is flip something upside down or around to get a different style. Even if you are not that crafty, Ikea hacks are super easy too! Most Ikea items don’t require tools either. All you need is determination and some creativity to get some great results.

Why add mirrors into your home?

Mirrors are one of the most versatile materials available in the home decor industry. Whether trying to create a luxurious bedroom or accentuate your living room’s main focal point, mirrors can transform any dull space into an aesthetically pleasing environment. The mirror has been used for centuries within homes and other properties, so there are many theories on its impact on the energy flow of a person’s home.

What is the Ikea Lots mirror?

The Ikea Lots mirror is a small mirror glass that is designed to be placed in creative ways. At 30 x 30cm square, they are small enough to get creative but large enough to cover a medium to small space. They are adhesive backed (you can also use double sided tape), making these large mirror tiles easy to affix onto a wall or door. At a relatively low price, this makes that a great Ikea product to get creative with.

How do I hack an Ikea Lots mirror?

This tile is perfect for a bathroom mirror, creating a mirror wall, creating a cabinet mirror door, a mirror frame, making a vanity mirror, adding them above a shelf or drawer, even a table mirror.

As you can see, there are many areas where the Ikea Lots mirror can deliver some great looks and a unique idea. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen, they can create a significant impact at a small price.

I like the wall mirror look. It allows you to create a unique look and shape that matches the style of the room. They look lovely in the entryway of a home.

Another great DIY hack is to add the Lots mirror to a dull wardrobe. Adding a mirror to it can give it a whole new look. You only have to look at some Ikea Pax wardrobe hacks to see what a dramatic difference they can make.

They make a big difference in bookcases too. I recently saw an Ikea Billy bookcase hack where the back of the bookcases had been covered in the Ikea Lot mirror. The reflection gave the bookcase a unique look with spray paint, transforming the look with black paint.

So, now we know what they are, let’s look at some examples of Ikea Lots mirror ideas. They should help you visualize how you can transform your space.

ikea lots mirror ideas

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These Ikea Lots mirror images will leave you inspired…

make big mirror ikea lots
lots mirror ikea
lots mirror ikea ideas
lots mirror ikea hallway hack
lots mirror ikea hack
lots ikea mirror
lots ikea mirror ideas
ikea mirror lots

If you like this look, check out some of these small dining room mirror ideas that use these…

ikea lots mirror wall
ikea lots mirror stagger

Check out these vanity room ideas that inspire…

ikea lots mirror stagger square
ikea lots mirror hack
ikea lots mirror designs
ikea lots mirror design
ikea lots mirror design ideas
ikea lots mirror decoration
wall filled with ikea lots mirror

I hope these Ikea Lots mirror ideas have really given you something to think about. Some of these images are inspiring!. As always, please feel free to share this post on your social media, and share these images on Pinterest.

ikea lots mirror

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