21+ TV Wall Ideas That Look Crazy Good

tv wall ideas

Take a look at these wonderful TV wall ideas for a big dose of luxury inspiration

In this post, we take a look at TV wall ideas. Whether you care to admit it or not, your TV is pretty much the focus of your living room. Why not create that space that really highlights it, making it the centerpiece of a designer creation.

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21+ TV Wall Ideas That Look Crazy Good

The centerpiece of any home is the living room, and the focal point of that living room is almost always the television. The question of where to put the TV on can be a tricky one.

Some things need further consideration. TVs have got so big, that they can totally dominate a room, so make sure you hang yours on a wall in a spot where it won’t feel too imposing. Easier said than done when you have an 85″ tv!

When it is time to buy a new TV, but you are not sure where to put it, what should you consider?  You may not want to block your view of other rooms and take up the floor space.  The solution is to hang it on the wall. There are three ways to hang your TV on a wall, and each has its advantages and disadvantages:  Principally, floor-to-ceiling stand, wall-mounted or ‘In-the-wall’.

In addition, you also need to consider any furniture for your wall. Commonly used furniture includes a floating shelf or a wall unit. This creates a sense of space and the shelves can be decorated to add a sense of design. The other options are a bracket or a TV wall mount.

How do you actually mount your TV to the wall? You have a couple of options. You can wall mount it directly to the wall using a tv wall bracket that are commonly available. You also have the option of placing it onto another material attached to the wall, such as wooden slats, thus giving your TV the appearance of depth. For more ideas, consider these Ikea TV hacks using IKEA products.

In this post, we look at some of the best trends, showing you the materials that work well, as well as the best position on the wall. All your assumptions on where your tv should go should be parked for a few minutes! In the majority of examples, the TV is secondary to the home decor design aspects that sit around the TV…that is the real secret here. Check out some of these wood accent wall ideas that incorporate TV’s too. Let’s take a look at some real life examples of TV wall decor ideas.

modern tv wall ideas for living room

Get inspired with our TV wall design ideas…

wall mounted tv inspiration

TV wall design ideas are quite versatile…

Whatever material you choose, the wall design can be considered a part of the overall design. You can create something new altogether, or integrate it into the existing design. This is not exactly a small living room, but the entertainment wall really make s big impact to the overall decor.

wall hanging tv ideas

This modern tv wall design is a hit…

Some design ideas just work, and this is a great example of successful home design. The TV is placed above the entertainment center on a TV mount. The plant placing and the leaning wall art adds to the overall styling.

tv wall inspiration

Some living room tv wall ideas are outrageous!

If budget is not an issue, this TV wall design is a real treat. The custom wood panelling and marble slabs are a real visual treat. These design ideas ooze quality.

tv wall design images

This living room TV wall design is achievable by most…

If you are looking for a modern design with open shelves, even if you are on a budget, this is the style that may be for you. You can pick up these type of units relatively cheaply. Your first point of call should be IKEA, take a look at the Besta range for some minimalist styles.

tv wall design ideas

A TV feature wall with integrated LED lighting…

Adding lighting to your design adds a fantastic level of interest. You can highlight spaces, target different areas, or simply light up some darker zones. Whatever the reason, the results can look great, especially in a dimmed room.

tv wall design ideas modern

Entertainment wall ideas don’t need to be complicated…

Sometimes, textures are all that matter. The contrast in material and colors draws the eye, giving you a more interesting space. Whether it is a brickwalls, wooden slats or marble, the contrasts can work well.

tv wall design ideas images

This modern living room is like an art gallery…

This TV wall idea just smacks of luxury. The high end materials really give off the impression of living the good life. This is an interior designers dream.

tv wall design ideas for small living room

Japanese style luxury tv wall design…

This style really gives off that Japanese vibe. The single material choice you see throughout is a very Japanese trait.

tv wall design ideas for living room

Want more inspiration? Take a look at these tv wall design ideas…

tv wall decor ideas for living room
modern luxury tv wall design
modern luxury tv feature wall
luxury tv wall design ideas
luxury modern tv wall decor
luxury marble tv wall design 1
luxury living room tv wall design 1
luxury contemporary tv wall design 1
luxury classic tv wall design 1
hanging tv on wall decorating ideas 1
wall mounted tv wall ideas for living room

I hope that this post on TV wall ideas has fueled your creative spirits. It is pretty normal to just mount your TV, but with a little creativity, you can really create a stunning space with a real ‘wow’ factor.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to TV wall ideas, there are a whole host of questions that are raised. Take a look through some of the most popular questions here.

How do you make a wall mounted TV look good?

The secret is always in the design…not just the TV but the materials and shapes around the TV screen. It is this premium look that adds character and depth. Take a look at some of the images above and analyze the materials and shapes they use.

What wall should I put my TV on?

Most people tend to have a general idea of where to put their TV, but there is still one question to answer: What wall is the best for the TV? In most cases, it is the one that has the biggest opening to the room, so you can expose the TV as much as possible. However, there are other considerations to take into account, like the room’s focal point and the walls’ exits. It all depends on the configuration of your room, and the purpose you are trying to achieve.

Do TVs look better on the wall?

Visually, TVs look best when they’re hovering over a fireplace or a bookcase, or when they’re the centerpiece of a big entertainment system. But how many of us have the space for that? For most of us, a TV is our largest piece of furniture, and the fact that it’s a movable appliance makes it easy to shove into an awkward corner of a room, or to place it down on top of a un. But is that really the best way to set it up?

To answer that question, it’s important to know that while the ideal TV placement does have a visual component, it’s also about sound. The best place to put your TV is wherever you’ll hear the audio the clearest.

Where should a TV be placed without wall space?

As televisions get bigger and bigger, there is less and less room to place them. Where do you put a 75-inch television screen that doesn’t have a place on the feature wall in your living room? The answer is simple, yet surprisingly ignored by most people. The best place to put a TV is on a TV stand placed in front of the family room couch!

How high should you hang your TV?

Hanging your television on the wall has a lot of benefits: it saves space, makes your media cabinet less cluttered, and can make your living room look more sophisticated. But there’s one problem: the higher up you hang the TV, the more distorted the image will look. That’s because the screen is closer to your eyes at a higher distance, so the pixels are bigger and there’s more space between them, making the image blurry. The standard advice for hanging a TV is to put it at eye-level when you’re sitting on the couch, sitting about 9-10 feet away.

How can I hide my TV?

Hiding your TV can leave a room looking uncluttered and stylish. It can also free up space to create a cozier area for you to relax in. If you’re thinking of hiding your TV, but are unsure about how to do it, we can help. Here are some ideas for where to put it, and some tips for the design aspects of creating a hidden TV space in your home.
Placing it in a tv cabinet
False wall panel
Entertainment unit
Sliding panel door
Behind a curtain

Which color is best for TV wall?

While it’s important to choose the right TV for your space, the feature wall color and decor can be just as important. You don’t have to go for the basic white wall or neutral tones option. The good news is that most gallery wall or accent wall colors can work well as long as there is some contrast, the secret is using ‘bias’ lighting that sits behind your TV. It tricks the eye into believing that the contrast is better. This can make it easier on your eyes and make the picture look much better than it actually is. See…your wall decor actually makes your viewing experience better.

How do you make a wall mounted TV look good?

When you are mounting a TV to a wall, you have a lot of factors to consider. Where will the TV’s power cord be located? How far should it be from a window? And, most important, how do you make sure the flat screen TV doesn’t look completely out of place on the wall. In our opinion, a wall mounted tv on its own rarely looks good…unless it is a designer screen that is like a work of art.

The secret is always the surrounding décor and the balance it has in the room. This could mean mounting it on a wall panel to create the illusion of depth, it could mean some plants surrounding it…the choice is yours but the images above should give you a good idea on how to proceed. A common way is to add a shelf, TV wall unit or something to create a sense of balance.

Should TV be centered on wall?

The simple answer is no. Centering a tv unit on a feature wall may be your first thought but there are a number of issues to consider. How far is it from the power outlet? Does it have to hook into any consoles? How far is it from where you will be sitting, what is the position of the couch and coffee table? Have you considered storage space or entertainment units? There are plenty of questions that need answered…the reality is that most people have fewer options given the size of their tv area or living area…in most cases, that place will be obvious.

tv wall design

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