21+ IKEA Pax Ideas With The Wow Factor

ikea pax ideas

Get inspired with these fantastic IKEA Pax ideas

The IKEA Pax wardrobe range has long been a favorite of many a IKEA hack enthusiast. The reason is simple, this closet system range really takes the hard work out of things, allowing you to focus of the value added, creative aspect of your wardrobe ideas. In this post, I will look at some IKEA Pax ideas that will inspire you to deliver your very own IKEA Pax hack.

Are Ikea PAX wardrobes any good? The answer to that really depends on where your standards are. As a functional, well priced closet with great storage space, this IKEA Pax closet range is difficult to beat. They possibly include the mirror, standard shelf, drawer, cabinet, closet rod, hanging space, trim, shoe storage and wardrobe door. The IKEA Pax wardrobe system well made, obviously a mass market build quality but it is to a high standard. The fact that that this is IKEA furniture should provide some reassurance as to the quality and durability of this IKEA closet organizer.

As far as freestanding IKEA wardrobes go, it is perfectly fine. You get a minimalistic design that will suit most spaces and it is budget friendly too. However, at Houszed, we are all about the next level. We want to show you some fantastic closet makeover ideas that will get your design ideas flowing. There is nothing like a IKEA Pax wardrobe hack to get us excited.

The hack involves taking a basic IKEA Pax wardrobe combination, adding a little creative flair to give it a custom closet feel, that would normally cost you much more. It also allows you to customize the look to fit in with your design ethos and turn it into your dream closet.

Why is the IKEA Pax perfect for this hack?

It provides a perfect base to build your design on. The Pax range is flexible and pretty much meets most basic requirements. You can configure it as you wish, adding different combinations to create your fitted wardrobe. Its not just amateur IKEA hackers that are taking advantage of this, established interior designers are also fully working with this trend. Some of the end results are staggeringly good…in some cases, you would never guess that an IKEA Pax closet system was the base of their creation. You will find some of these IKEA Pax wardrobe ideas below.

How do you make an IKEA Pax look custom?

Your IKEA wardrobe can be given a custom look in many ways. The IKEA Pax system is essentially the interior of the wardrobe frame, delivering perfect closet organization alongside a robust build. The exterior is where the custom look takes place. For some, it is a case of decorating the doors, be it adding mirrors, a sliding door or simply changing the color. In more custom examples, you see the addition of crown molding, slats, baseboard and trim. Custom handles are also applied to the drawers. When put together, you end up with a very premium look that could easily be mistaken for a custom build.
This hack is similar to the IKEA Billy bookcase hack, where the custom look is achieved in a very similar manner.

Is IKEA Pax cheaper than custom?

It really depends on the size of the wardrobe required to house all your clothes. In most cases, with all things being equal, it is cheaper to build upon a IKEA closet system base than a custom organized closet. The reason is that it saves a lot of time when building the base of the closet and the interior. This time saving is translated into labor cost savings.

What are Ikea PAX wardrobes made of?

The main materials used are fibreboard, particleboard, ABS plastic and polypropylene plastic. The interiors of the Pax system can be added to through the IKEA Komplement series. At least 50%, in terms of the weight of this product is made from renewable materials.

Can you cut IKEA Pax wardrobe?

Yes, you can cut the IKEA Pax as they are made of fibreboard and particleboard. However, you should look to avoid it where you can as the surface can get damaged and there is no guarantee of a ‘clean’ cut.

Can I paint IKEA Pax wardrobe?

Yes you can, but the surface of the IKEA Pax makes it difficult. There is a process involved to get a nice finish. I wrote a post on painting kitchen cupboards a while back that is applicable here. Essentially, it involves and lot of preparation, priming, sanding and a few coats of the final paint color.

So, lets take a look at some fantastic IKEA Pax ideas and hacks to create something very special.

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Take a look at these fantastic IKEA Pax hacks…

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I hope that the IKEA Pax ideas above has given you some design ideas to incorporate into your home. As a project, its not the simplest, nor is it a quick one. It will take time and effort, but as far as IKEA hacks go, it is one that can produce some of the most impressive looks.

ikea pax wardrobe ideas
IKEA Pax wardrobe ideas

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