25+ IKEA TV Stand Hack Ideas That Work

ikea tv stand hack

Get Inspired with these IKEA TV stand hack images

We all know that Ikea produces robust furniture that is well priced, but did you know that there is a vast community of Ikea hackers that turn some basic furniture into something special? Well, you do now! They transform furniture from bland to stunning. This post will show you some great examples of Ikea TV stand hack ideas that will deliver a gorgeous product at a very reasonable price. 

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25+ IKEA TV Stand Hack Ideas That Work

Before we continue, let’s look at some of the benefits of undertaking your own Ikea hack. 

1. An IKEA hack gives you more space in your room

Most IKEA pieces are usually compact, they typically take up less space than other larger, bulkier furniture pieces would take up if they were brought into your room. This means one of two things: 1) You can fit more furniture in the same amount of space OR 2) since there’s so much more space open in the room, you can mix and match different pieces of furniture from all sorts of different stores. The wall space looks clearer with this option.

2. It’s more cost-effective

This goes without saying. An IKEA piece is durable, so using them as a base is a great starting point for furniture that can stand the test of time. 

3. IKEA furniture is better for the environment

Since IKEA pieces are typically made out of particleboard and other recycled wood, they’re better for the environment than most other items on the market, like the aforementioned solid woods where trees had to be cut down to create them. As well as this, IKEA products tend to be easily repairable because these products are usually easy enough to take apart to replace or fix pieces inside.

4. IKEA hacks allow you to express your creativity

This is one of my favorite things about an Ikea hack. It gives people who may feel limited in their creativity an outlet to explore, create, and enhance their ideas.

5. Help people up cycle and repurpose old furniture

If you have some old, unused piece of furniture in your house that’s either broken or just uncomfortable to sit on/sleep on/use, etc., IKEA hacks is a simple DIY project that allow you to repurpose these pieces into something new that you can use. This can be through cupboard or chalk paint, stain, changing drawer fronts or cabinet doors, changing, a drawer pulls, handles and wooden legs, or even adding new bits to them.

IKEA TV stand benefits

TV stands are an excellent way to store and organize your TV. They come in different styles, designs, and sizes. Depending on what type of TV unit you decide to buy, they can also add more storage space in your living room or dining room. There are many benefits to owning a TV entertainment center; however, it is essential to remember that every situation is different. Compared to other furniture pieces, like bookshelves, filing cabinets, or even coffee tables, there are several additional benefits of owning a TV stand.

1- Decorate your home with one piece of furniture

The main benefit associated with buying a TV stand is that they are one piece of furniture. When you buy a TV stand, you do not have to worry about matching it with other elements because it is the central decorative piece in your living room or family room. You can customize the look by adding different items to your TV stand. For example, if you decide to get a wooden TV stand, you could add other colors or patterns on top of it to provide a beautiful look for your home. Consider decorating the cabinet doors with cane or bamboo. With the right touch, this single piece of furniture can completely change the appearance of any room in your house, therefore, making it easier to decorate.

2- Convenient storage space

They provide plenty of storage space depending on their design and size. For example, you can get TV stands that better fit the size of your room and determine the amount of storage space that it provides. When paired up with other stand-alone pieces, they provide additional space for more DVDs, books, and decorative items.

3- Provides more screen space

A TV stand is fantastic at decluttering the space around the TV. Focus on the screen, and hide away all those digital boxes

4- Different designs and styles to choose from

There are many different design styles available when shopping for a TV stand. When looking around, they have modern designs, rustic or even transitional styles, which allow you to choose what is best suited for your home. 

5- You can find different finishes for different price points

There is a whole range of TV cabinets to suit most price points, and they come in an entire range of styles. However, as we will show in this post, there is a whole host of DIY IKEA TV stand hack ideas that deliver unique styles. 

What IKEA products can I use in my DIY IKEA hack?

Many products are suitable for a hack, ranging from a cabinet to an IKEA dresser, a shelf to a drawer. Don’t think you have to be limited to those; people have hacked a storage unit, Ikea cabinet, shelving unit, an Ikea desk hack, DIY bench, Ikea Billy bookcase…even a Pax wardrobe! However, the most common Ikea product that is used for this purpose are:

As you can see in the images below, they mainly contain an Ikea Besta hack, Ikea Kallax hack, or a Besta unit. These products are a great height and have the perfect form to use as a base to get creative with. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some Ikea TV stand hack ideas. 

ikea hacks tv stand

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Check out these IKEA TV stand ideas…

tv stand ikea hack

An IKEA entertainment center that delivers total style…

tv stand hack

This IKEA tv unit hack adds plenty of value…

tall tv stands ikea

This IKEA hack tv stand works well in this space…

kallax entertainment center

IKEA entertainment center hack that transforms this space…

ikea tv stand ideas

This IKEA Lack tv stand is a great up-cycle…

ikea tv console hack

IKEA TV stand ideas don’t have to be complicated…

ikea media console hack

These TV stand ideas raise an eyebrow…

ikea media center hack
ikea lack tv stand hack
ikea hacks entertainment center
ikea hack tv
ikea hack tv stand
ikea entertainment center ideas
ikea hack entertainment center
ikea floating tv stand
ikea entertainment center ideas
ikea entertainment center hacks
ikea entertainment center hack
floating tv console ikea
dresser tv stand ikea
diy ikea tv stand
cheap tv stand ikea
wooden tv stands ikea

There you have it, some great Ikea TV stand hack ideas. Repurpose some furniture to make it perfect for your space! As always, please consider sharing this article and images on your social media.

ikea tv stand hack

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