39+ Green and White Bedroom Ideas That Totally Inspire

green and white bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these green and white bedroom ideas

As we all know, bedrooms aren’t just a place to sleep. They serve a whole host of functions, one of which is relaxation. In this post, we take look at green and white bedroom ideas that really meet this need. Out of all the color ranges and combinations, these are the colors that add a sense of calmness.

With the color green associated with nature, forests and wildlife, it is the perfect color to promote wellness. Associate this with a neutral color like white, you have the perfect combination to create a great space.

Let’s take a look at some great bedroom decor ideas that will really help inspire your next bedroom design.

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green and white bedroom ideas
white and green bedroom ideas

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Take a look at these white and green bedroom ideas…

white walls bedroom ideas green and brown

Pleasant, calming and very classy…this is the ambition for most people looking a green and white bedroom idea. The sage green walls match the bed linen, and works really well with the natural color of the wood tones.

white and sage green bedroom ideas

The depth of the green color in the plant really helps this scene pop. The white and green colors really work well with other natural tones.

white and mint green bedroom decorating ideas

Stunning! The depths of these dark greens really contrast well with the white walls. Add in the yellow and gold, you have a delicious scene that explodes in color.

white and green bedroom design ideas

An alternative way of introducing a green wall into your bedroom. With matching wall paper and bed linen, it really is a dramatic effect. The lime green lamp is a focal point too alongside the bursts of purple.

white and dark green bedroom ideas

Muted tones make this a very calming scene. The bedroom furniture is neutral which complements the rug and flooring. The accent wall has a hint of mint green in there which is a nice touch.

sage green black and white bedroom ideas

Strong imposing colors make this a dramatic effect. The dark green walls and indoor plant displays complement the white wall, white bedding and natural light. This bedroom decor is impactful.

sage green and white bedroom ideas

Calming and relaxing, the perfect color scheme to drift off to sleep. These green bedroom ideas can change your life! Perfect as a guest bedroom color scheme, it will make your guests comfortable.

mint green white grey and black bedroom ideas

The addition of white bed linen and a throw pillow with a touch of green can create a very comfortable space. The light green walls are soothing and almost a pastel shade. This bedroom design is as stylish as it is relaxing.

mint green and white bedroom ideas

A room with wainscoting a moldings always appeals to me. This scene also has hallway wainscoting. Adding color can be done through accessories rather than fixtures. This white bedroom is perfect as a canvas. Adding a green shade through plants and bed throws is a cheap and flexible solution to follow.

master bedroom ideas white and tiffany green

A green and white bedroom is also perfect for a children’s bedroom. These soft greens make it a calming place that looks really classy too.

master bedroom ideas white and mint green

A green bedroom scene that could be any home. A split white and green wall creates a nice separation.

lime green and white bedroom ideas

Using green in some edgy furniture is also a good idea. The wall paper here is the real star. Incorporating both white and green, it really adds a layer of interest.

light green and white bedroom ideas

If lime green in the bedroom is your thing, this should make you very happy. Perhaps a little bit much for most people though.

grey green and white bedroom ideas

The depth of the green make this a very intimate bedroom color. The colors of the curtains really complement the walls. The introduction of the greys on the bed really add a layer of comfort.

greenbrown and white bedroom ideas

A perfectly good bedroom decoration example. This simple example shows what you can do with a tub of paint and a pot plant.

green white and gold bedroom ideas

It’s official, green and whites work…and so do browns and greys. Consider this color palette when creating your next bedroom mood board.

green white and black bedroom ideas

A luxurious example, it just makes you want to dive right in. The lovely textures of the green throw and bed linen makes this a lovely scene. The green color comes through the bed frame, whilst the white is through the walls and light fittings.

green pink and white bedroom ideas

A nod to Japanese bedroom design, this image captures it perfectly. The green and white works perfectly with the dark brown natural wood color.

green gold and white bedroom ideas

This type of green gives of a more modern vibe. Add black furniture to it and you are talking a whole new ball game.

green blue and white and silver bedroom decorating ideas

A simple bedroom that introduces color through the bedroom linen and indoor plants.

green black and white bedroom ideas

Another good example that shows how white, green and greys can work really well together.

green black and white bedroom decorating ideas

A luxury example representing how green and white can create a very expensive look. A quality Benjamin Moore paint, some fantastic black furniture, and some wonderful home decor…you have a master bedroom to be proud of.

green and white color bedroom ideas

A very country cottage feel, these soft colors really set the scene for a comfortable space. The green wainscoting and wreath really add a touch of class.

emerald green and white bedroom ideas

A more industrial feel, these dark green walls add a sense of drama. The contrast with the white linen really works. The industrial looking nightstand really works here.

dark green and white bedroom ideas

This lovely green creates a calming and relaxing space. With this country cottage feel, comfort is at the forefront here. The IKEA style drawers are a lovely touch and the canopy bed is stunning.

ck white and gray bedroom ideas with mint green

Creating a versatile Childs bedroom is a good idea. Painting the walls with a neutral color makes it a more versatile space. Simply add the color theme through the furniture and bed linens.

black white and lime green bedroom ideas

Another four poster bed dominating the room…and doesn’t it look absolutely stunning. Again, a green and white room, it adds the color through the bed linen. The wall remain a white color. A very simple yet classy creation.

black white and green bedroom ideas

A simple yet attractive bedroom design. The colors are rich and deep, adding to that sense of comfort and quality. The lovely IKEA style nightstand really adds to the look.

black and white striped green bedroom ideas

This sage green home decor is designed for pure comfort. The thick furnishings and warm colors really help to create a lovely environment. The tree branch decorations adding to the natural feel of the room.

bedroom ideas white and green

This shabby chic style bedroom creation fits in the description of a white and green bedroom. The difference here is that the green color is added through natural plants. The cute cats are optional!

bedroom ideas green and white

Add an interesting wall paper to really add a sense of drama. This example os almost telling a story. This complication of the wallpaper means that you can go with a simple furnished room.

bedroom ideas gold and white green leaves

This lovely wallpaper is the star of this bedroom scene. The depth of color and strong sense of nature is a very attractive quality. You might also want to check out these beige bedroom ideas, black and green bedroom ideas, blue and green bedroom, yellow and blue bedroom ideas or these green and purple bedroom ideas.

I hope that these green and white bedroom ideas inspire your next creation. As you can see, you have a huge variety of possibilities, given the nature of these colors. Create a mood board and start experimenting with colors.

green and white bedroom decorating ideas

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