47+ Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas That Leave You Stunned

blue and gold bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these blue and gold bedroom ideas…

As far as traditional colors go, blue and gold is historically associated with wealth, luxury and opulence. The combination of these colors are very telling, leading to certain associations. However, you can create a modern interpretation by combining these two wonderful colors. In this post, we consider blue and gold bedroom ideas, what they mean and offer commentary on the wonderful examples below.

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gold and blue bedroom ideas
gold and blue bedroom ideas

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Check out some of the navy blue and gold bedroom ideas below…

rose gold and blue bedroom ideas

Choose royal blue and gold bedroom ideas that make an impact…

A simple interpretation of this color combination. the floral wallpaper includes elements of gold and teal blue, whilst the light blue bed linen and accent pillows include various shades of blue.

royal blue and gold bedroom ideas

This rose gold and blue bedroom chair offers amazing contrast…

Navy blue bedroom furniture can work really well, especially when complemented with a gold tone. This particular bench works great and certainly gives off a premium finish.

romantic blue and gold master bedroom ideas

As far as blue and gold bedroom ideas go, this is a masterpiece. The beautiful Benjamin Moore paint color delivers a deep blue bedroom wall that takes home decor to another level. It is so rich, deep and lustrous. Add in the golden bed throws and matching pillows, you have a great look. The green potted plant in the copper planter is a lovely touch too.

navy blue white and gold bedroom ideas

This gold bedroom idea is is dramatic to say the least. The use of gold is not tempered in anyway. The fabulous headboard is eye-catching and the accent chairs are fantastic. The blue wall is secondary to the color, but just as important.

navy blue gold and silver bedroom ideas

This traditional bedroom wall looks like it is in a historic home. The tiling is intricate and full of history. The modern blue bedroom furniture always looks great against a historic backdrop. The gold nightstand looks great in this setting.

navy blue and rose gold bedroom ideas

You probably will not find a more luxurious bed than this example. This Paris bedroom idea takes opulence to the next level. The gold and royal blue bed is intricate and luxurious, taking the bedroom style to another level.

light blue white and gold bedroom ideas

This master bedroom is luxury living at its best. The fantastic marble floor is so deep, with the modern furniture matching it perfectly. The ornate coffee table suits the scene perfectly and the wall mirror is stunning. The gold is used sparingly in this white bedroom, mainly as gold decor accents in the ceiling. The blue is introduced through the bed frame and rug, giving the bedroom a different zone to the seating area.

light blue and gold bedroom ideas

Light blue and gold bedroom ideas can produce some great design…

A wood panel wall is a great idea for a bedroom, creating a great accent wall. This blue variation is similar to pastel colors and gives a nice soft feel. It matches the blue bedding, delivering a great color scheme. The decorative pillows create interest in this scene too.

ideas rose gold navy blue and pink bedroom

The range of blues in this image is a visual treat. The way the colors and textures compliment each other is exceptional. The way the blues and the gold tones work together is fantastic. This is a great modern bedroom with simple interior design.

gold and navy blue guest bedroom ideas

This is high end interior design at its finest. The quality of the design and furniture is outstanding. It creates a rich atmosphere, full of texture and depth.

gold and navy blue bedroom ideas

There are plenty of colors present in this bedroom. The main ones of course, blue and gold. The blue bedding is a great match for the crazy wall and gold lampshades.

duck egg blue and gold bedroom ideas

The gold decorative pillows create a lovely focal point in this room. They create a lovely symmetry with the shiny gold lampshades, The mid blues also create a lovely bedroom tone.

dark blue and gold bedroom ideas

This elegant bedroom bedding set creates a great vibe for this bedroom. It’s a lovely blue color that matches the blue wall and golden bed frame.

bown blue and gold bedroom ideas

The wood accent wall represents the golden oak color. It is a lovely natural look that is modern yet stylish. The blue is introduced through the bedding.

blue white and gold bedroom ideas

A simple bedroom scene that makes the most of the simple color palette. The blues are deep which match the shades and tones of the golden lamps.

blue grey and gold bedroom ideas

Another example of bedding that really adds color and character to the bedroom. The intense navy blue and luscious gold is a great color combination. It really works well with the white walls.

blue cream and gold bedroom ideas

This bedroom really mixes the colors well. The beige bedroom carpet really complements the whites, golds and blues in this image.

blue bedroom with white and gold ideas

This ornate bedroom really combines the coolers well. The gold walls may be considered a little much, but it really represents a dampened yellow. The gold bedroom furniture and blue bed really complement each other.

blue and gold bedroom design ideas

This is probably my favorite image on this page, representing some wonderful color choices. The deep blues contrast really well with the stunning golds on display.

blue and gold bedroom decor ideas

This bedroom almost represents the rainbow, but with closer inspection, you can see that the dominant colors are blue and gold. It’s a gamble working with so many colors, but this bedroom seems to work quite well.

bedroom ideas in gold and blue

Look at the way they have used the blue in this bedroom. The blue black ceiling is amazing and adds some great style, working well with the wall. The gold wall decor is incredible too, really drawing the eye.

bedroom ideas blue and gold

An ornate bedroom, it really blends the blue, gold and whites very well. It almost has a nautical bedroom theme to it.

bedroom decor ideas navy blue and gold

This neutral bedroom is the basis to ads some color and pizazz using blue and gold. The wall decor definitely catches the eye and forms the focal point.

bedroom colors ideas in gold and blue

Some lovely light blue colors on display here, they work really well with the natural wood furniture. The golden drapes really add a nice design touch to this scene.

baby blue and gold royal bedroom ideas

If you want to consider some interesting bedroom ideas, take a look at these pink and blue bedroom ideas.

Get inspired with these great blue and gold bedroom ideas. I’m sure you will agree, the possibilities are endless. With this color, tones and shades are incredibly important. Which image was your favorite? Share this post on social media and ask you friends what they think…see you soon!

navy blue and gold bedroom ideas
navy blue and gold bedroom ideas

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