27+ Purple and Green Bedroom Ideas That You Can’t Miss!

purple and green bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these purple and green bedroom ideas

We know that there are plenty of examples of purple bedroom ideas, even green bedroom ideas…but what about purple and green bedroom ideas? They aren’t as common, but if you are partial to these colors, they van work. Get the combination right and you can create a stunning look as some of these images below will testify.

Let’s take a look a some of these wonderful purple and green bedroom ideas.

green and purple bedroom ideas
green and purple bedroom ideas

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Get inspired with these green and purple bedroom ideas…

xlime green and purple bedroom ideas

If you want a country cottage home decor look, the purple and green color combination can create an interesting result. The purple bedding and rug, the green and purple pillow, both contrasting really nicely with the green armchair. Add in the interesting nightstand, you have a nice result.

purple green and blue bedroom ideas

An interesting image that is as dynamic as it is colorful. The color scheme here is incredibly intense, certainly not a master bedroom design for the faint hearted. The deep purple headboard and bed is intense. The geometric rug is mesmerising and the green bedding set very complimentary. The industrial nightstand works really well with the purple accents. The teal green bedroom wall adds a lovely shade and tone to the room.

royal purple and green bedroom decorating ideas

A mens bedroom at heart, this example of a master bedroom is intense. Whether it is a batchelors bedroom style, is for you to decide, but it is stylish. The deep purple bedding set and linen, the green shade in the wall, it works very well together. This design is almost like a Parisian bedroom style.

purple pink and green bedroom ideas for adults

Some incredibly detailed furniture helps elevate this room into something very stylish. The purple walls and curtains are a delight that add to the tone of the room. The purple pillows add some lovely texture to the room. With purple accents dotted around the room, this is a very integrated green and purple bedroom idea.

purple green and red bedroom ideas

The eclectic nature of this bedroom design makes it a complex affair. Yet we can determine that the principle colors are indeed purple and green tones. The purple tone adds depth, while the greens are very subtle. The bedroom wall contains some lovely art decor and the bed has a variety of textures display. Overall, the color wheel is about to explode!

purple and seafoam green bedroom ideas

A subtle example of a bedroom, this white bedroom integrates some lovely teal and lavender hues. The light purple shades are light and airy, making this a pleasant bedroom decor design.

purple and green bedroom inspired

Now that is a purple bedroom wall. There is absolutely no mistaking that color. Add in some green accents and you have a lovely example of what marrying the green and purple tone can do.

purple and green bedroom inspiration

You have to look carefully at these colors to determine hem, yet on closer inspection, they are indeed green and purple. The purples are very deep and the greens are verging on the grey. Yet, the colors here work well together, creating a dark atmosphere.

purple and green bedroom ideas for girls

A very light and airy arrangement. this purple bedroom design is a terrific example of keeping things light. The bedroom wall is interesting, a mix of purple walls and flowery wallpaper. The pillows add another level of interest. With some interesting home accessories on the nightstand, this is a very relaxing scene.

purple and green bedroom idea

The dark teal walls are certainly intense. Add in the deep purple bedding and you have a strong color scheme that is not for the weak. The beige bedroom carpet is a much lighter tone to brighten things up a little.

purple and green bedroom designs

The purple canopy bed is the star of the show here. The lilac purple is welcoming and matches perfectly with the delightful sofa. Other colors may work too, think of a black sofa or even a yellow sofa here.

purple and green adult bedroom ideas

Now this is a purple bedroom…very purple indeed! Add in some green accents and you have a great basis for good design in your home decor. The purple bedding is intense, the purple pillows are delightful, the purple wall magnificent. A strong scene that would suit a strong personality.

pink purple and green bedroom ideas

The green is obvious here, scattered throughout the room liberally. However, the purple here is almost like and burgundy. The point here is that you can adapt the colors and still create a great color scheme. The purple throw pillow is my favorite here and the lilac accessories really lighten the mood.

pink and purple and green bedroom colors ideas

The purple walls are intense…very, very intense. They add plenty of depth to this bedroom, which is balanced with the white and green bedroom linen. The IKEA style nightstand is a lovely touch.

olive green and purple bedroom ideas

The dog is an optional extra! This is what most peoples bedroom actually look like. ~The greens and purples are there, probably in ways that could be improved. Some excellent explains of IKEA Lack shelving too.

kids bedroom ideas greenpink and purple

A very cottage style bedroom design, this room is full of greens and purples. The number of different green hues are excellent, it includes lime greens and sage. The purples include lilacs, lavenders and deep purples.

kids bedroom ideas green and purple

This purple and green bedding set looks incredible. In the right setting, it can deliver a cottage look on its own. I can only imagine what the remainder go the bedroom decor looks like!

green and purple bedroom decorating ideas

Purple walls in abundance here…is it too much? you decide! I actually like it as it is balanced out by the bed and neutral rug. The IKEA Hemnes drawers are a lovely touch too.

girls bedroom ideas green and purple

Eclectic and colorful, this is a trendy design that pushes the boundaries of bedroom decor. The mixture of the green and purple designs is well balanced, none overpowering the other.

dark purple and green bedroom ideas

High intensity colors with some beautiful wall decor doubling as a headboard. The purples make this dark bedroom scene that is quite romantic. The beige accents to listen the room a little, removing the edge.

cute bedroom ideas mint green and purple

A quick way of adding class to a bedroom style is adding moldings and wainscoting to the wall. It adds a sense of drama to the bedroom. The purple wall is a nice look and the large mirrors bounce light around the room.

boujee bedroom ideas for purple and green theme

Simple can be effective. The color here is implemented through the bed linen and bedding. With various purple accents also thrown around, the green is very subtle too.

bedroom ideas with purple and green

The purple bedding and the purple pillows…wow, they are intense. Relaxation is not the aim with this bedroom, making a statement is!

bedroom color ideas deep purple lime green and yellow

I hope you enjoyed these purple and green bedroom ideas. As you can see, the variety of styles and designs is dramatic. The key things is the tones and hues, the color wheel will be crucial here to balance the color palette. Why not take a look at these green and black bedroom ideas or these blue and green bedroom ideas.

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purple and green bedroom decorating ideas
purple and green bedroom decorating ideas

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