47+ Mudroom Bench and Entryway Ideas That Rock

mudroom bench

Get Inspired with these mudroom bench ideas

One of the key trends that we are seeing is the mudroom bench. Not only do they have a practical purpose, they can be a very stylish addition to the home. Whether you want a simple bench, or a multipurpose storage bench, there are plenty of options out there for you. In this post, we take a look at some great examples of the entryway bench.

In a previous post, we considered mudroom and laundry combo ideas. We got a real flavour of what makes a good mudroom. In every example, there was a bench of one sort or another. In this post, we put our focus on the bench rather than the home decor. What is it that makes these benches special…lets find out.

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47+ Mudroom Bench and Entryway Ideas That Rock
entryway bench with storage
Entryway bench with storage

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Check out these entryway bench with storage ideas…

storage entryway bench

This simple DIY mudroom bench is as simple as they get. Literally a converted solid wood worktop that doubles as a bench. The storage space is supplied through these cute little storage cubbies, where you can store your shoes and boots. Above are a number of coat hooks to hang your items.

small wood entryway bench

A beautiful wood mudroom bench that is fit for any home, The beautiful paint color is seen all the way through, with the addition of some matching wicker woven basket, working as storage space. Somewhere to hide away your dirty shoes. The lovely pillows really help to soften the space and the picture gallery helps to personalise the space. Since this is a lovely door, consider these other small laundry room door ideas.

small narrow bench

This corner mudroom bench is painted the same color as the whole custom made unit. There are no drawers but there is plenty of storage underneath, with the woven basket.

small hall benches

As far as corner mudroom benches go, this is one of the simple ones. Yet it suits the space perfectly well and suits the interior design. The lovely wood stain bench top makes this very appealing.

small entryway shoe bench

What a wonderfully constructed entryway bench. The sheer size of it is incredibly imposing. Fully functional too, with coat hooks, storage cubbies and storage drawers. The natural wood stained bench is wonderful too. The gray flooring really sits well with the white units.

small entryway benches

Another example of a floor to ceiling mudroom bench. The lovely color and natural wood bench works well with the home decor. Simple enough to recreate as a DIY mudroom bench.

small entryway bench with storage

A fantastic amount of storage space on display here, with plenty different types too from cubby to drawers. Possibly constructed from plywood, the trim piece gives a custom finish.

small entryway bench with shoe storage

This little discrete bench is simple, but it does the job. Somewhere to sit and remove your shoes. An easy do it yourself job.

small entry way bench

Another example of a custom bench. This excellent wood effect example delivers a clean look.

small entry bench with storage

A simple mudroom bench using a natural wood finish. This is designed as a bay window seat that serves a dual purpose, softened by the throw pillows. This design piece is a nice finish.

small benches for entryway

A simple construction of a solid wood storage bench that provides some extra seating. It adds a little storage space too. The bench top is a natural finish. It could very well be an IKEA mudroom bench style.

small bench for entryway

A great example of a long bench, it is perfect for the space. A simple design, but it works well. The deer antler is a clever touch.

skinny entryway bench

A simple storage bench with a lift up wooden bench top. Perfect to hide away your things.

narrow mudroom bench

Not quite an entryway, but it is a good example of a small mudroom bench, that is still floor to ceiling. An excellent amount of storage is available at the top too. It very much in the style of lockers.

narrow hallway bench

A bright green example of an entryway bench. The natural wood bench is a nice touch that contrasts well.

narrow entryway bench

Simple design that delivers a great result. The basic design does not undermine the usefulness of it.

narrow entryway bench with storage

This is premium design with a price tag to match. The floor to ceiling design is custom made, with pull out drawers, closed cupboard drawers and a wonderful leather bench. This is a different style that is quite refreshing.

narrow entry bench

Another basic example, the all white creation serves its purpose. It fits the home decor, with plenty of storage space.

mudroom benches

A classy design that works well in this home. The lovely grey bench contrast nicely with the white walls and black coat hooks.

mudroom benches with storage

A modern version, this adds a modern twist to an established style. The modern storage units really look great. This would look great as part of the laundry room.

mudroom bench with storage

This looks like it has been slotted in, It is a small bench, but there appears to be plenty of storage. The cubby is a perfect size for a wicker basket.

mudroom bench with shoe storage

A low cost version that fulfils the same function as a more expensive version.

mudroom bench with drawers

A lovely grey example with red highlights. This locker room style mudroom bench is well styled and functional.

mud room benches

Another great example of an entryway bench. This custom made units fits perfectly, delivering style and plenty of storage space.

modern mudroom bench

A simple white mudroom bench. This stylish example looks like a wardrobe design. The seating space available is minimal.

hallway entry bench

This unique bench is something special. It is without doubt a centrepiece to this elaborate mudroom.

hallway bench with hooks

An integrated bench and storage, it is a simple design that fits this space.

foyer bench with storage

Another customer example with some wonderful wainscoting, and a wood wall panel.

entryway built in

An elegant black mudroom that gives a very contemporary vibe.

entryway bench with drawers

A simple design that hits the key targets. Plenty of storage, coat hooks and seating.

entryway bench with baskets

A traditional design that stands the test of time. This classy finish is painted a shade of cream, with a natural hardwood bench.

entryway bench small

A lovely large bench gives you plenty of space. The white design gives it a fresh vibe. Plenty of storage on display too.

entryway bench and storage

An interesting design, the wood wall is very rustic. The addition of the modern style bench gives a very cool look.

entry way bench with storage

This laundry and mudroom combination is a lovely custom designed space. Plenty of storage here and lots of extra seating. This is a very functional space.

entry benches with baskets

A simple bench that provides a good amount of storage to hide away your things.

entrance benches with storage

A traditional style mudroom bench in a contemporary color scheme. This is a simple design that works relatively well.

built in mudroom bench
built in entryway bench

This is as simple as a mudroom bench gets. It is clean design, with no storage. It serves a purpose, albeit limited.

built in entry bench

This is a very unique style, almost like a church pew. The lift up storage keeps your clutter away.

bench with baskets underneath
bench mudroom
bench for mudroom

These mudroom bench ideas should have opened your eyes to the possibilities. As you can see, most people tend to opt for a more traditional style. However, a modern interpretation can work very well. The best examples of these mudrooms have plenty of seating, storage and hooks. Which one was your favourite? Post it on social media and see what your friends think!

small entryway bench
Small entryway bench

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