17+ Ikea Mudroom Ideas With a Little Magic

ikea mudroom ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful Ikea mudroom ideas

I know it sounds like an odd question, but did you think about your mudroom? It’s often one of the most overlooked rooms in a house and one of the room ideas considered last. Once that happens, it turns into just another storage room or junk space. A mudroom can provide easy access from indoors and out while keeping everything in its place, dust-free and clutter-free. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In this post, we consider some great examples of Ikea mudroom ideas and talk through a few issues an Ikea hacker should be considering.

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Benefits of a mudroom

Many people think that the only function is to store and organize muddy shoes in shoe racks, but it can do much more than just that. A mudroom is a place where you take off your shoes before entering the house and an option for you to protect your home from dirt and mess. It’s an excellent place for show storage too. There are numerous things that you can do with the help of this room, such as:

Organize sports equipment

When somebody comes back from playing football or any other sport outside the house, they will probably bring back some dirty clothes. To avoid messing up the house, the clothes must be stored in a separate space.

Organize winter gear

Many people who live in colder regions use winter coats, gloves, and scarves. These items must be stored appropriately after usage to avoid messing up the house and protect them from getting wet or deteriorated because of humidity.

Keep gardening tools

When they finish your ‘gardening’ chores around the house, keep your things in this space so they can put them away once finished using them, especially those items which are delicate such as flower pots.

Make a place for house pets

If you have a pet, you should make sure that you provide a place where the animal will relax and spend time. Having a separate area where you can sleep and eat is better than letting it stay in the living room or bedroom, since people aren’t always comfortable with it.

Store seasonal clothing

Separate areas for each season help people organize their clothes more efficiently and prevent them from getting mixed up. Additionally, this allows homeowners to take out only what they need instead of digging through stacks and clothes to find something.

Make a children’s playroom

If you have kids, use the room to store their toys and other things that can be used for fun. Since children usually don’t put these items away neatly, make sure the room has storage space where you can stack up all of them together, so they’re not lying around on the floor.

How much do mudroom built-ins cost?

When it comes to how much do mudroom built-ins cost, the answer depends on who you ask. A simple mudroom can be created with folding doors, two-by-fours, and pine shelving units for under $500, or built-in mudrooms are priced at approximately $4000 for a typical six foot by eight foot design.

A fully customized mudroom with a sink, wall cabinet, and shoe storage can cost anywhere from $6000 to $8000. An average four by six-foot small entryway usually costs between $3000 and $4000. Expensive custom built-in features such as flooring, Ikea cabinet, dryer hookups, and electrical outlets for appliances also add to the final prices. In addition to the construction cost, there are considerations such as architectural plans, permits, and inspections that may need to be fulfilled before work can begin on your project.

How do I add storage to the entryway?

A mudroom can be tricky to add in entryway storage if you do not have much room, and your entry may not accept another piece of furniture. However, there are many ways to add shelves or hooks in an area used for storage, and it will still look clean and organized.

This feature wall is perfect for putting up shelving units and mudroom cabinets. The shelving units lean against the wall, so they don’t take up any floor space, which means it’s easier to walk around them than having an additional table in the way. Also, the shelving units give you plenty of shoe rack space, so instead of shoes all around the floor, there are only about two pairs on each shelf – just enough to get by! If this isn’t enough, you can always put up hooks on the wall, so there is no need to have a bench or shoe rack that takes up even more space.

An entryway that is much larger and can accommodate a bench or storage similar to a wardrobe. However, this family has found another way to add in storage. The floor-to-ceiling shelves add much-needed storage space, and if that’s not enough, they have added in even more hooks! This helps keep the clutter off the benches and floors, making it easier for people entering and exiting to get out of their coats and shoes without tripping over stuff along the way.

Does a mudroom add value to a house?

A mudroom offers additional value to a house because it offers storage and organization. This is one way the homeowners can keep their family rooms clean and uncluttered. The homeowner can use this area for keeping shoes, coats, school bags, sports equipment, etc. Mudrooms offer convenience to homeowners as they are not just places that provide storage space but also areas where people gather before heading out of the home, which adds more comfort to them. Thus, owning a house with a mudroom is more attractive than having only entrance ways or foyers.

If you want to see examples of value, check out these mudroom laundry room ideas.

How do I turn my room into a mudroom?

Step 1: Flooring

Before you even think about the layout, the first thing to consider is your flooring. If it’s hardwood or tile, the chances are good that an area rug will work just fine and be far more accessible than carpet for cleaning and storage purposes. Your space should also accommodate a waterproof pad underfoot to protect both the subfloor beneath and the rug itself from any moisture issues in your entryway – including snow tracked inside during winter months. An outdoor mat is still helpful to catch sand, dirt, etc. before it enters the home, but if you have tile floors, this can easily double as one of those mats by being able to hose it off and let it dry. If you’re using a rug, be sure to pick something easy to clean and has the right amount of cushioning for your needs – especially if children or pets will be sharing entryway space with you.

Step 2: Wall Space & Shelving

The following primary consideration is storage space for all those items you want close at hand as soon as you enter your hallway but won’t necessarily fit inside your coat rack closet, bedroom, or storage room. It would help if you found a way to keep coats/jackets, shoes, helmets, and backpacks, etc., out of sight until needed. Consider niches in walls along with wall-mounted shelving units…or an Ikea kitchen cabinet, mudroom lockers, cubbies, drawer, or even an adapted bookcase…an Ikea billy bookcase or an Ikea Pax wardrobe are a great Ikea product to consider. A pro tip…add a little crown molding for a custom finish look. Also, consider an Ikea bench with built-in storage, which doubles as somewhere to sit too.

Step 3: Furnishings

Finally, you need to make sure your entryway matches the rest of your home in terms of style and comfort. Opting for a shoe cabinet and furniture that stands up well to constant use and matches décor elsewhere in the house is essential so that it doesn’t look like an afterthought or temporary solution. For example, if you have a nautical theme throughout your main living spaces, choosing something entirely different for your mud room will never work! Similarly, don’t go with large mudroom cabinets that dominate and draw attention away from your much smaller entryway.

Step 4: Location

Last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when setting up a DIY mudroom is choosing a space that’s too small or poorly located. The reason for having an area where you can take off coats, shoes, and other outdoor gear and store all those items such as backpacks, bikes, etc., is so those entering the house don’t clutter up living spaces elsewhere. That means finding a spot close to anywhere people might hang about – kitchen, family room, playroom, etc. – but also somewhere convenient to outside doors. Putting it in the basement will only lead to constant tripping over all those boots, coats, etc., while the laundry room down the hall might not give kids or pets easy access to their stuff!

Whether you are creating a mudroom makeover from scratch or simply looking to upgrade your existing one, the most important thing to do is make sure it has its own space with enough room for everything you want quick access to as soon as you walk through the door. Keep in mind the flooring needs, wall space for storage, and furnishings should all match each other so that they look like part of a cohesive design scheme – even if that design includes outfitting an empty garage, pantry, shed, or basement with some basic Ikea furniture and accessories.

So, let’s take a look at some Ikea mudroom ideas that will help you transform your space. Remember, using an Ikea hack can help reduce the cost significantly.

ikea mudroom ideas

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